Product Review: Is Google Assistant a New Search Ecosystem?

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Something very cool is going on with Google Assistant (GA). If you are not a user, this may be the time to download the app and start generating some queries.

What’s so cool is that GA has gone multimodal. The responses to your queries could be the same boring text, but they also might be a lot more fun, and include videos, images and/or music. It might surprise you and serve up website snippets to answer your queries. The responses are clearly more comprehensive than those I’ve been able to generate from a traditional Google search query.

Source: Marie Haynes Consulting


Google Assistant’s search engines may be introducing a whole new search ecosystem

If you’re confused about Google Search and Google Assistant, that’s because it looks like the two are becoming one and the same. It’s a metamorphosis. GA could be the new Google Search as we know it. 

Back in 2000, Google co-founder Larry Page told us they were working on a system where you could ask any question and get the perfect answer. Of course, that perfect answer had to come from a new generation of search driven by artificial intelligence, with its vast dataset, or “library system,” as Page likes to think of it.

In Page’s vision, the Assistant is the librarian who finds what you are likely searching for. The fact that voice search has grown dramatically was a key driver of GA technology. Bard, Google’s AI chatbot, will soon be integrated with GA.

According to SEO expert Marie Haynes, “I would like to not be the only person who is talking about how the changes that we are seeing in Assistant and Bard have the potential to radically change the search ecosystem that we currently know.” 

The impact of Google Assistant on user experience and convenience

With its advanced search capabilities, Google Assistant has transformed the way users interact with technology. Performing complex searches using natural language has made search more intuitive and user-friendly. There’s no longer a need to key in keywords or phrases; just ask Google Assistant a question and receive a relevant response.

Google Assistant integrates with various devices: smartphones, smart speakers, and smart displays. Users can now perform searches and retrieve information hands-free, activated by voice commands, allowing busy users to multitask and access information on the go.

For example, if you ask Google Voice Assistant about the weather, it can provide a spoken response while also displaying a visual representation of the forecast on your device’s screen. This multimodal approach not only enhances the user experience but also makes it easier to consume and process information.

Google Voice Assistant supports gestures and visual cues

You can use hand gestures, for example, to control certain functions on your smart home devices or use your device’s camera to scan and recognize objects. These multimodal capabilities open up new possibilities for interaction and make Google Assistant a truly versatile and flexible virtual assistant. 

How do you communicate with Google? It responds best to “Hey Google,” “Okay Google,” and “Hello Google” or “Hi Google.”

Creating shortcuts and optimizing search results with Google Assistant

Users can take advantage of the ability to create shortcuts for those commands you frequently use. For example, you can create a shortcut called “Weather” and instantly retrieve the current weather conditions by simply saying, “Hey Google, weather.”



This screenshot shows two search results from the same query. Traditional Google search is on the left and GA on the right.

Okay, Google, what can GA do for me?

  • Set a timer to check your cookies before they burn like the last batch
  • Remind me to drink water every hour
  • Add eggs and bread to my grocery list
  • Remember to pick up wine for dinner
  • Remember my wifi password is 987654
  • Set my alarm for 6am
  • Remind me to do laundry when I get home

GA vs Siri or Alexa?



Who has the deepest pockets? Read the comparisons, and you’ll find that each application has strengths and weaknesses. There’s also the matter of GA being an Android product vs. Siri being part of the Apple environment. You can use Google Assistant on iPhone—I downloaded this today and have been experimenting with it. The technology was designed with Android in mind, so the Google Assistant on PC may be a better user experience.

I suspect that Google Assistant will win this round

The search capability is astonishing. There is a few more things that GA will do. GA will make it possible to check in for flights, save and receive your boarding pass using voice commands. Or pay your bills with Google Pay. A while back, in the early days of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, he talked about his vision of creating what he called an “everything app”. GA well may be getting closer to fulfilling that vision. Sorry, Elon.

Challenges and considerations of a robust search infrastructure

Developing and maintaining a robust search infrastructure comes with challenges.

  • A primary challenge is the exploding volume of data that needs to be processed and indexed. Search infrastructure must adapt to handle vast amounts of information available.
  • Another consideration is the need to ensure the privacy and security of user data. Google Assistant’s infrastructure relies on collecting and analyzing user data to deliver personalized search results. Striking a balance between personalization and privacy is an ongoing policy issue.
  • One area of development for Google Assistant is its integration with smart home devices. As more devices become connected, Google Voice Assistant can serve as a central hub for controlling and managing them. From adjusting the lighting to controlling the temperature, GA can seamlessly interact with your smart home devices, providing a truly connected and integrated home automation experience.

The future of search likely will include augmented reality

One prediction is for the integration of augmented reality (AR) capabilities into the search experience. Augmented reality is an interactive experience. It uses software and hardware like AR glasses and overlays digital content onto real-life environments and objects. With AR, users will view search results in a whole new dimension.

On Android devices, a more contextually helpful experience

Let’s say you just took a photo of your adorable new puppy, a shaggy little mutt named Simon, who was a rescue. You would like to post his photo on Instagram—it turns out that he loves to have his picture taken. What a ham. Simply float the Assistant with a Bard overlay on top of your photo and ask it to write a post for you. GA with Bard will use the image as a visual cue, understand the context and upload Simon, introducing him to the world. This conversational overlay is a completely new way to interact with your phone.

Leveraging Google Assistant’s search infrastructure for businesses and marketers

Google Assistant offers businesses and marketers valuable opportunities to reach and engage with their target audiences. By optimizing their websites and content for voice search, businesses can ensure that they appear in the search results when users make voice queries to Google Assistant.

Businesses can leverage GA’s infrastructure to create personalized and interactive experiences for their customers. For example, you can develop voice-activated applications or chatbots that integrate with Google Assistant.

Conclusion: GA—a new search ecosystem is evolving

  • Google Assistant’s AI infrastructure provides users a more personalized and convenient search experience with more comprehensive, multimodal results.
  • Shortcuts and optimized search results have transformed the way we interact with technology.
  • With Google Assistant integrations, businesses and marketers can deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

As Google Assistant’s infrastructure continues to evolve, the future of search holds new possibilities, including the addition of Bard and augmented reality. 


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